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A dynamic talent poised to take over the pop scene, artist and songwriter Karen Hardy creates upbeat, radio-ready singles that blend sleek modern pop with organic warmth and elements of soul. Often compared to artists like Beyoncé, Tori Kelly, and Ariana Grande, Hardy’s agile vocals demonstrate not only remarkable clarity but also a striking amount of control. Her voice glides from honeyed, low-range melodies to crystal-clear, towering high notes with stunning ease. Hardy reveals herself as a vulnerable, genuine songwriter through music inspired by her own experiences and perspectives. 


Hardy grew up in New Jersey with two older brothers who both have special needs. Her involvement in the disabled community from a young age showed her the possibilities of using other, more creative means of communication. A shy, introverted child, Hardy began to explore music as a way to connect with others and express herself more freely. She started putting on “concerts” in her bedroom, auditioning for every school musical, and stealing her dad’s guitars. At age 16, she left public high school to pursue her dream full-time, earning her diploma early and diving head-first into making music. 

In 2017, Hardy moved to Nashville to pursue her passion for songwriting and performing at the heart of the music industry. Quickly drawing buzz for her enchanting mix of natural warmth and smooth, vibrant pop, she’s spent the past few years writing and recording new music.  From a quiet, New Jersey girl-next-door to a pop phenom in Music City, Hardy continues to evolve her immense talent while remaining true to herself: an authentic artist with a deep desire to affect the world.



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